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PPUABA Yellow Pages

Published November 29, 2023


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The members of our block association include some very creative and entrepreneurial people who run businesses, make products, provide services or create art. When we as consumers are looking for such items or services, why not begin our search hyper-locally on our own blocks with our neighbors? We hope that these PPUABA Yellow Pages will help members grow their businesses, learn about locally-available resources, and strengthen our community by promoting more contacts among PPUABA members.

If you run a business, make a product, create art or provide services, click here to find out how to add your listing to these Yellow Pages.

And, if you contact one of your neighbors whose listing you found in these Yellow Pages, please let them know you found their listing here!

The PPUABA Yellow Pages


  • KetchumArt hawks Fine Art on Artspan: and subversive, cute, graphic art on stuff in the KetchumArt Store: Also, commissions working from family photos. N.Y. Times: "Ketchum knows how to get the viewer's attention. Shown widely, his pictures commingle colors, commentary and mediums in a manner provocative, funny and to the point. To pigeonhole the work as Pop, folk, cartoon, mixed media, anthropomorphic, or merely strange fall short of the mark!”
    Email:  Image
    (submitted by Peter Ketchum, 2022-01-11)
  • Fred Bendheim
    Contemporary art, Paintings
    160 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
    Email:   Image
    (submitted by Fred Bendheim, 2022-01-13)
  • Chrissy Angliker
    Artist, Painter
    At the center of my practice lies the exploration of my ever-evolving partnership with my medium of paint. For every intentional mark, the nature of the medium challenges that intention.
    My studio is located in Clinton Hill, at 122 Washington Ave.
    Instagram: @chrissyangliker
    Email:    Image
    (submitted by Chrissy Angliker, 2022-01-21)


  • Located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, ChaseMindBody is a private, residential bodywork and meditation studio catering to all bodies that custom blends modalities to support your whole being.
    Website:   Image
    (submitted by Tara Chase, 2022-01-13)

Food and Beverages

  • Brooklyn Tonic is based upon a historical recipe, which was originally crafted to cure malaria, grippe, agues and many other ailments in the 1700s. Drawing inspiration from the original syrup, Brooklyn Tonic has been re-crafted for the modern palate, with half the sugar of the other tonics. It is a delicious stand-alone, non-alcoholic drink or an ingredient to make the perfect Gin & Tonic. It is now available both in the original tonic syrup form or in a carbonated can form. And it is locally available!
    Images:   Cans   Syrup
    (submitted by Charmaine Koskinen, 2023-01-16)
  • Kristen Little Chef/Family Meal Prep
    Discover culinary excellence with Kristen Little. From crafting sumptuous cakes and delightful cake pops for your kid's birthday to curating sophisticated charcuterie boards for ladies' night, Kristen's culinary expertise knows no bounds. Beyond the festivities, she specializes in food styling, turning every meal into a visual delight. Kristen also offers private meal prep, infusing convenience and gourmet flair into your daily dining. You can connect with her at or website
    (submitted by Kristen Little, 2023-11-09)
  • Robert Witherwax, Esq.
    Attorney-at-Law, Sole Practitioner
    - Estate Planning (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced health directives)
    - Estate Administration (probate, administration, and fiduciary services)
    - Real Estate (sale and purchase of houses, co-ops, and condos)
    Licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
    Available to PPUABA members for complimentary consultations
    Phone: 917-816-4091
    (submitted by Robert Witherwax, 2022-01-15)
  • Judge Randolph Jackson
    Need Help?
    Injured in an auto accident / Trip and fall / Medical malpractice
    Hurt on the job / Hospital negligence / Construction accident
    Contact Judge Randolph Jackson
    Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York (retired)
    24 hour cell phone 347-432-5151
    Office: Oddo & Babat
    Eight West 38th Street (@Fifth Avenue), Suite 1002
    New York, N.Y. 10018
    (submitted by Randolph Jackson, 2022-01-27)

Licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers

  • Catherine Witherwax
    Real Estate Broker
    Brown Harris Stevens
    A native Brooklynite and a real estate broker since 2001, Catherine Witherwax has helped hundreds of clients sell and buy their properties- from stately townhouses to pre-war co-ops and new condos. Catherine’s clients appreciate the hard work and dedication she calmly brings to each negotiation and transaction, and her colleagues respect her professionalism, integrity, and honesty.
    Phone: 917-816-0019
    (submitted by Catherine Witherwax, 2022-01-15)

Music Lessons

  • Guitar Lessons w/ Ben Tyree
    Whether you’re a seasoned instrumentalist or an absolute beginner, I can work closely with you to sharpen your craft and get you to the next level. I have taught privately and in workshops for 25 years and my methods vary based on your specific strengths, weaknesses, and goals. I teach - and professionally perform - all styles of popular music. Lessons can be in your home or mine (Park Pl & Washington Ave in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn).
    Phone: (917) 586-9808
    (Submitted by Ben Tyree, 2023-01-28)
  • Music Lessons w/ Nat Ranson
    Nat Ranson is available to teach you or your child trumpet, trombone, tuba, or beginning piano. Nat grew up in the neighborhood, and has been teaching privately for 13 years.
    Phone:  917-572-0110
    (Submitted by Nat Ranson, 2023-01-29)

Musicians for Hire

  • Stoop Kidz Brass Band
    You’ve probably heard us out on the stoop throughout the pandemic, we are also available for any private events! Birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, baby showers, use your imagination, and we will be there playing!
    Instagram: @stoopkidzbrassband
    Email:   Photo
    (submitted by Nat Ranson, 2022-02-03)


  • Roots and Branches Therapy
    Our team feels privileged to bear witness to the story of your roots as you branch out towards your goals. We endeavor to serve a diverse client base providing insight, empathy, honest feedback, evidence-based treatments and tools. Our mission is to empower our clients to courageously pursue lives of genuine connection, professional fulfillment, wonderous adventure and mindful acceptance.
    Address: 34 Plaza Street East, P109, Brooklyn, NY 11238
    Phone: 646-490-1930
    Website:   Logo
    (Submitted by Nicole Gonzalez, 2022-01-13)


  • Nat Ranson - Woodworker
    Nat is available for projects large and small, both out of his shop on Park Place, or on site at your home/office! Household repairs, furniture repair, custom furniture, decks, planters, cutting boards, any thing you can think of he’s open to discuss.
    Photo1  Photo2
    View his work on instagram: @ransonwoodworking
    (submitted by Nat Ranson, 2022-02-03)

How to Submit a Yellow Pages Listing

  1. Eligibility: Each member of PPUABA may submit a Yellow Pages listing.
  2. How to create listings: Yellow Pages listings consist of a category name, up to 75 words of text describing your business, product or service, and up to two attachments, which may be documents in .pdf format or photos in .jpg or .png format, each attachment not greater than 5mb in size. The attachment(s) will be uploaded to PPUABA’s website and will be accessed via links in your listing. The text should contain your name or the name of your business; your phone number or email address; and may contain a link to your website, document or photo. You can find examples of category names at (use the search bar to find category names that approximate what you are looking for).
  3. Cost: Placing a PPUABA Yellow Pages listing is free! However, as the block association is helping to support your business, we strongly encourage you to support your block association by ensuring your household has made your annual household membership contribution.
  4. Minors: Residents under the age of 18 may have a Yellow Pages listing (for example, for babysitting, dog-walking, homework helping, etc). However, the listing must be submitted by a parent, and any contact information included in the listing must be the contact information of the parent. Please note that PPUABA’s website is a public site viewable by anyone. By submitting a listing for your child, you assume full responsibility for monitoring contacts and ensuring the safety of your child.
  5. Submitting your listing: Please submit your listing by emailing it to PPUABA’s webmaster (Marc Gordon) at
  6. Organization of listings: The Yellow Pages will be listed alphabetically by category name, and by order of submission within each category. The webmaster reserves the right to combine, separate or otherwise modify category names to improve readability.
  7. Updates and re-confirmation: To ensure the Yellow Pages listings remain current and relevant, each listing will need to be re-confirmed annually. The webmaster will request the submitter to re-confirm or update the listing. Listings which are not re-confirmed will be removed from the Yellow Pages post. Submitters may request updates to or removal of their listing at any time.
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