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block party 2017 photo 04 Matt

Block Party 2023!!!

photo credit: Matthew Weinstein

Published May 07, 2023


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Our 2023 block party and plant sale on Sat, May 6, 2023 was a great success!
We were graced with beautiful weather, and lots of hard-working volunteers who did the planning, made hundreds of phone calls, bought the materials, set up and staffed the tables, and so much more! Thank you to all who helped make it happen!

Below, a few photos of the event. (Photo credits: Marc Gordon, Rosemary Palms, Matt Weinstein).

The baked goods table was filled with delicious treats!
Baked goods (Marc)

The book table had a good selection of kid and adult books
Book table (marc)
book table (Rosemary)

DJ Al Bass kept the mood festive, and entertained us with his beautiful voice!
DJ Al Bass cropped (Marc)

Our face painter Bert Pinnock made the kids very happy (and cute)!
face paint 2 (Marc)
face paint 1 (Marc)
face paint 3 (Marc)
face paint 4 (Marc)

The kids had a blast climbing aboard fire truck Engine 280 "Eye of the Storm"!
fire truck 2 (marc)
fire truck 3 (Marc)
fire truck 2 (matt) portrait

The grill was very busy this year... many thanks to our hard-working volunteers! grill (Matt)
grill (Rosemary)

This year, we had delicious ice cream donated by The Social Brooklyn
ice cream (Matt) portrait
Ice cream (Marc)

PPUABA President Patti Veconi staffed the Info table with information about our block association's initiatives and activities
info table (Marc)

A selection of kids crafts and games provided a fun and creative outlet. kids crafts (Marc)
kids crafts (Matt)
kids crafts (Rosemary)
kids crafts 2 (Marc

Liam the Magician entertained kids and adults alike with a magic show
magic (Marc)
magic (matt)

Our plant table was bigger and busier than ever this year. Many thanks to Den and her team!
plants table (marc)
plants table (Rosemary)

Neighbors socialized after the block party with a pot luck dinner
pot luck (matt)
pot luck 2 (matt)

PPUABA President Patti Veconi presented a plaque honoring Stacey Weinstein
stacey plaque (matt)

Our annual group photo group photo

At the end of the day, unbelievably, Stacey still had energy to hula Stacey hula (Marc)

Our 2022 block party, originally scheduled for May 7th but rained out and rescheduled to Saturday, Oct 01, 2022, has been rained out AGAIN! We look forward to more favorable weather for our spring 2023 block party - watch this space for announcement of the date.

Our May 7th 2022 block party was rained out :-( !!!
But that didn't stop plant sale organizers Den Gordon and Robin Ketchum - who had bought 2 carloads of plants to fulfill plant pre-orders (plus have some available for on-the-spot purchases). Den and Robin, assisted by Amy Gordon, Marc Gordon, Mary Hatch and Ed Regan, set up in the cold and rain to sort, price, bag (and in several cases deliver) 15 pre-orders of plants. The plants didn't mind getting wet, but after a couple of hours in the cold rain, the volunteers were happy to get back inside, change into dry clothes and enjoy a hot drink. Below, the plant sale table, volunteers and customers braving the rain.
2022 block party plant sale

Below are just a few photos from prior year block parties (photo credit: Matthew Weinstein).

block party 2018 photo 01 Matt

block party 2019 photo 01 Matt

block party 2018 photo 02 Matt

block party 2017 photo 02 Matt

block party 2017 photo 01 Matt

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