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Water Main and Sewer Main Replacement Project

Published August 02, 2022


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Water and sewer main replacement project will impact Park Place and Underhill Avenue

A revised, APPROXIMATE project schedule was released on Apr 4, 2022. The project is now anticipated to run until early 2024. See the revised Project Schedule below.

From April 2021 until approximately early 2024, a project to replace the water main and sewer main will take place on Park Place from Carlton Avenue to Underhill Avenue, and on Vanderbilt Avenue from Park Place to Sterling Place, and on Underhill Avenue from Park Place to Sterling Place.

The purpose of the project is to improve water distribution, alleviate street flooding and alleviate sewer backups. The project will entail significant street excavation and will temporarily disrupt traffic and parking.

Project Schedule
A revised APPROXIMATE schedule for the project was released on April 4, 2022. The timeframes below, for replacement of the sewer mains and repaving of impacted streets, are subject to change pending weather and field conditions.
Park Pl from Carlton to Vanderbilt – Apr 2022 to Jul 2022
Vanderbilt Ave from Sterling to Park – Aug 2022 to Oct 2022
Park Pl from Vanderbilt to Underhill – Nov 2022 to Sep 2023
Underhill from Sterling to Park – Oct 2023 to Dec 2023
Re-paving of impacted streets – early 2024, to be determined based upon weather conditions
SEK002386 - Revised schedule as of 2022-04-04

Community Construction Liaison
The NYC Department of Design and Construction assigns a Community Construction Liaison ("CCL"), to projects such as this one which impacts the community. The most-recently assigned CCL, Shernell Pemberton, replaced Danilo Mikhaylov who resigned from the position on July 26, 2022. Danilo's predecessor, Ahmed Elhashash, attended the May 19, 2021 PPUABA meeting, gave a short presentation and answered our questions. Additionally, Hadi Elhashash, the project's chief engineer, attended the Sep 22, 2021 block association meeting. You can listen to Ahmed's and Hadi's presentations by clicking on the link to the respective audio clips on the PPUABA Meeting Minutes page.

You can reach the CCL using the contact information below.

Shernell Pemberton, Community Construction Liaison (CCL)
NYC Department of Design and Construction
Project # SEK002386
250 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Office: 646-908-2131
Mobile: 716-604-7314

Project-related documents
Below are links to project-related documents, with the most recent on top.

To see project related documents from 2021, please click here.

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