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Stoop sale Maria

PPUABA Stoop Sales

Published October 23, 2023


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Our Fall 2023 Stoop Sale was held on Sat Oct 21 and Sun Oct 22

A rainy Saturday morning and an iffy Saturday afternoon caused most of our potential stoop sellers (and browsers) to wait it out and set up their tables / look for bargains on Sunday instead.

There were fewer households setting up tables on Sunday than usual at our stoop sales, but all of the stoop sellers reported that sales were good. Park Place neighbor Koreen Valtierra said of her sale "It was great fun! Sold a lot and met some neighbors as well!! A wonderful way to get to know the community!".

Below are photos of Koreen's stoop sale, Maria Leather's, Kai Jordan's, and Den and Marc Gordon's.
stoop sale 2023-10-22 Koreen Valtierra cropped

stoop sale 2023-10-22 Maria Leather

stoop sale 2023-10-22 Kai Jordan

stoop sale 2023-10-22 Den and Marc Gordon

Below is the flyer for the event (credit to Teddy Theoharis for the flyer!)
PPUABA Stoop Sales 2023-10-21 social media version

Our Spring 2023 Stoop Sale and Plant Share was held on Saturday, Jun 3rd

Sorry, but we do not have photos of the event. See below for photos of previous stoop sales.

Our Fall 2022 Stoop Sale on Saturday, Oct 8th was a great success!

We were blessed with great weather - a sunny, crisp cool fall day, with lots of pedestrians out and about browsing the offerings.

Below are the Fall 2022 Stoop Sale Flyer (credit to Teddy Theoharis) and several photos of our members' stoop sale tables.
2022-10-04 PPUABA Stoop Sale Flyer

Marc and Den displayed a variety of housewares, records, bags and furniture.
2022-10-08 Stoop sale 01 Gordon

Rick posed next to his stoop sale table.
2022-10-08 Stoop sale 02 Roth

And here's Phyllis with her table.
2022-10-08 Stoop sale 03 Brody

Robin had a large assortment of items on display, shown here being perused by neighbors Mark and Mary. 2022-10-08 Stoop sale 04 Ketchum

Veteran stoop sellers Ed and Dee with their table.
2022-10-08 Stoop sale 05 Regan

Jill took a different approach, putting out a collection of books free for the taking.
2022-10-08 Stoop sale 06 Frasier

Tony and Richard had some lovely colorful housewares on display.
2022-10-08 Stoop sale 07 Feldmesser and Louth

Stacey had lots of CDs, housewares, stained glass and even a bicycle on offer.
2022-10-08 Stoop sale 08 Weinstein

Past Stoop Sales

June 4, 2022 Stoop Sale and Plant Share
Our Spring 2022 PPUABA multi-block stoop sale was held Sat, Jun 4th, 2022. We enjoyed gorgeous spring weather and a good turnout of members holding sales and customers attracted by our emails and posts on social media sites. See photos below.

This year, we held our third annual Plant Share on the same date, in front of 302 Park Place. At the Plant Share, neighbors brought plants and/or took plants (it wasn't necessary to bring a plant to take one). Neighbors contributed excess seedlings, cuttings and plants from their gardens, consulted with Growing Our Community coordinator Den Gordon about which plants might do best in their specific growing conditions, and took plants that met their needs. These Plant Share events are a great way to spread the joy of gardening and enable neighbors to connect!
plant share

And here is a selection of photos of our neighbors' stoop sales.
stoop sale Dee and Ed Regan

stoop sale Robin Ketchum

stoop sale Richard Roth

stoop sale Susan Metz

stoop sale 01

stoop sale 02 stoop sale Warren Fray and Maria Leather

stoop sale Gordons

stoop sale Phyllis Brody

stoop sale David Whitbeck and Kristin Kimmel

Our Fall 2021 Multi-block Stoop Sale was held Sat, Oct 2nd 2021, 10am-4pm. Once again we had cooperative weather ideal for sitting outside, striking up conversations with passersby, and selling our wares. PPUABA stoop sale flyer 2021-10-02

Robin Ketchum displayed some beautiful fine linens.
Robin Ketchum

Jen Abrams and a friendly pirate offered some pirates' treasures for sale.
Jen Abrams and a pirate

Amanda Kingloff had a variety of kids items, housewares and (not pictured) some delicious chocolate chip cookies.
Amanda Kingloff

Bruce McInnes displayed a variety of antiques and housewares.
Bruce McInnes

Dee and Ed Regan sold housewares and costume jewelry.
Dee and Ed Regan

Lily Glenn and Molly Lafferty had lots of yarn on offer, as well as clothing and household items.
Lilly Glenn and Molly Lafferty

Our Spring 2021 Multi-block Stoop Sale was held Saturday, June 5th, 2021 from 10am-4pm with participation from neighbors on all of our PPUABA blocks. In addition to private sales, the Friends of Underhill Playground, led by Den Gordon, set up a table in front of the playground with all proceeds going toward beautification of the Playground.

The Sterling/Butler Block Association and the Sterling Place Block Association also held stoop sales the same day and and we all publicized each others' stoop sales.

Prospect Heights Spring Stoop Sale Flyer color-1

Here are some photos from the Spring 2021 stoop sale.
Diane and Monroe Allison had some interesting items on their table. (Photo credit: Matthew Weinstein)
PPUABA Co-president Robin Ketchum set up a stoop sale table.
IMG 5184
Generous neighbors donated items to sell at the Friends of Underhill Playground table and helped staff the table. In fact, at the end of the day, Den Gordon had more items left than at the start of the day, so she and Marc set up the table on Sunday too. All proceeds go to benefit the playground. IMG 5177
Bruce and Christiana often have an extensive selection of items to sell at their stoop sales, and this sale was no exception. (Photo credit: Matthew Weinstein)
IMG 5186
It was HOT and SUNNY. Mel Jackson got some shade while displaying his stoop sale items. (Photo credit: Matthew Weinstein)
Ed and Dee Regan with some customers. (Photo credit: Matthew Weinstein)

Fall 2020 Stoop Sale
Our Fall Stoop Sale, held Saturday Sept 26, 2020 was a HUGE success! With over a dozen stoop sales across the PPUABA blocks, lots of publicity, nice weather, and people across our neighborhood glad to be outside enjoying street life safely, we had great pedestrian traffic and a friendly vibe among stoop sellers and shoppers.

Below are photos of just a few of our stoop sales.

Stoop sale Robin

Stoop sale Doris 2

Stoop sale Kristen

Stoop sale Ed and Dee

Stoop sale Kristin

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