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Halloween on Our Blocks

Published November 02, 2021


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Halloween is a festive time often eagerly anticipated by youngsters and adults alike with great excitement. Our PPUABA blocks, especially the block of Park Place from Vanderbilt Ave to Underhill Ave, draw large throngs of trick-or-treaters enjoying the decorations and seeking treats.

After a slightly smaller turnout in 2020, this year the crowds were back and VERY enthusiastic. And PPUABA's residents were again welcoming and creative with decorations. Long tubes or pipes were the COVID-safe candy distribution mechanisms of choice, including one in which a "magician" made candy appear as if by magic! Enjoy the photos below!

Halloween 2021
Park Place was crowded with trick-or-treaters!
01 - crowds IMG 5522
A spaceship and its resident purple dragon entertained the crowds.
02 - dragon and spaceship IMG 5512
Three long-time Park Place residents gathered to distribute treats.
03 Phyllis Rhoda and Sharon IMG 5514
Scary decorations notwithstanding, this is a friendly and welcoming group of neighbors!
04 Teddy Nicole and friends IMG 5517
A magician's wand and magic words made candy appear for trick-or-treaters!
05 candy appearing by magic IMG 5530 cropped
A UFO was part of the decorations on Underhill Avenue.
06 UFO IMG 5521
Long delivery tubes were back in use this year - socially distant candy delivery!
07 delivery tubes IMG 5520
Another candy delivery tube.
08 more delivery tubes IMG 5519
Clever costumes were abundant.
09 costumes 01 IMG 5511
This Dad was riding a unicorn.
10 costumes 02 IMG 5527

Halloween 2020
As neighbors wanted to celebrate Halloween, but safely remaining socially distant while distributing goodies to trick-or-treaters, COVID-safe long candy delivery tubes were in fashion and widely used this year. See a selection of photos below.
Halloween 02

Halloween 03

Halloween 04

Halloween 05

Halloween 06

Halloween 07

Halloween 08

And this Baby Yoda had enough Halloween excitement for one day
Halloween 09

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