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Tree beds 001-c

A great day out cleaning the tree beds with our neighbors

Published October 18, 2020


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On Saturday, Oct 17, 2020 the weather showed us some love, and PPUABA residents showed our street tree beds some love too. We had a great turnout for our PPUABA-wide street tree bed clean-up! The ambitious goal was to clean, weed, aerate the soil, plant bulbs or plants and mulch as many of the 83 tree beds lining our blocks as possible.

Dozens of neighbors came out to work on tree beds in front of their own building, to volunteer to work on their neighbors' tree beds, or to help with logistics and coordination.

The tree bed clean-up project is part of the "Growing Our Community" initiative led by Den Gordon. Den did a fantastic job of planning the event and her team of "block captains" Mary Hatch and Robin Ketchum ensured that all the volunteers had the resources they needed (tools, mulch, trash bags, gloves, and bulbs) to improve the tree beds. And perhaps even more importantly, it was a great opportunity for neighbors to get out of the house on a gorgeous day and work on a project together - strengthening our neighborly relationships is what "Growing Our Community" is all about!

Below are some photos of the day's events.

The Parks Department delivered an imposing looking pile of mulch - would we really use it all?
Tree beds 002

Providing community involvement opportunities for all ages!
Tree beds 030

A family getting ready to start on their tree bed. Tree beds 030-a

Our "mulch delivery team" kept the mulch coming!
Tree beds 034 cropped

Which tool works best for the job? Tree beds 001-a

Daffodils or crocus - tough choice... maybe get both? Tree beds 036

Hard at work on the upper block of Park Place... Tree beds 037

...And hard at work on the lower block of Park Place! Tree beds 001

The result of hard work - a finished tree bed for the majestic tree on Underhill Avenue.
Tree beds 037b

This tree bed has looked lovely all summer and didn't need any attention. Tree beds 038

The resource table provided loaner tools from the Dept of Sanitation and PHNDC, as well as literature, gloves, and bulbs for sale.
Tree beds 039

The tree bed clean-up was a family-friendly affair. Tree beds 040

This family took a short break to pose for a photo op. Tree beds 041

Evidence of a successful clean-up - 20 bags of weeds and trash. Tree beds 999

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